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Comparison of the human genome with other primates offers the opportunity to detect evolutionary events that led to the divergent phenotypes among the primate species. Because the primate genomes are all highly similar to one another, methods developed for analysis of more divergent species do not always detect signs of evolutionary selection. We have developed a new method, called DivE (Divergence by Evolution), specifically designed to find regions that evolve at a slower or faster rate than the neutral evolution rate in any clade of a phylogeny of a set of very closely related species. DivE predictions on the ENCODE regions of 14 primates can be dowloaded from here.

Obtaining the software

The software is released as perl source code, and is  OSI Certified Open Source Software

To download it, just click here.

After downloading, uncompress the distribution file by typing:

tar -xzvf DivE.tgz

A directory named 'DivE' will be created which contains the software. Please consult the README.txt file in that directory for further information.

Contact Information

You can contact us about DivE at: mpertea jhu edu


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